Latest Words To Avoid On Your CV

It’s a new year, but the dictionary hasn’t been updated much.

Sure, there are a few emojis to clutch onto, but at heart you’re at the mercy of the English language yet again.

This can prove especially difficult when you have a résumé to write.

Each time someone writes their résumé, they think they’re being original. Or, perhaps, they’re merely writing what they think HR directors (or their software) want to hear.

So here are the latest words to avoid.

1. Motivated

Yes, because anyone who doesn’t write this word is merely looking for a job to fund their pot habit. Of course you’re motivated. You’ve just sent out your résumé.

2. Creative

Indeed you are. Because every creative person on earth has “creative” on their business card. That only happens in advertising. Which isn’t very creative.

3. Enthusiastic

I would rather leap at a résumé that actually had “bit of a miserable sod” as a self-description. It would at least show self-awareness. Of course you’re enthusiastic. For the first month of your new job, at least.

4. Track Record

Otherwise known as Broken Record. These are the people who boast that they’ve been there and done that. Well, if you’ve already been there, why do you want to come here? To do the same boring job all over again?

5. Passionate

Your job and you are like frisky lovers. You can never get enough of each other. You think about each other all the time. There’s never a dull day. Till the divorce, that is.

6. Successful

Wouldn’t it be lovely to read a résumé that began: “Under-appreciated, frustrated executive looking for a home.” Instead people write: “I’m great.” Oh.

7. Driven

This one drives me crazy. The only way to succeed is apparently to be obsessed and to express your obsession at every turn. Because business is a race. Or something.

8. Leadership

You’d hate anyone to think you’re a follower, wouldn’t you? So you must be a leader then. Even if the only leadership jobs you’ve had so far are leading one student march and a few fellow workers to a new lunch spot.

9. Strategic

You’re not a functionary. You’re strategic. You strategize day and night. About what, exactly? Is this some fancy word for saying you have a brain that works?

10. Extensive experience

I learned this very young: Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want. Why don’t you just write: “Been around. Still not happy.”

I think we have a résumé crisis.

We need to be passionate, creative, and think strategically about this. We should use our track record and our extensive experience to give guidance