Hamilton Mayday is an established and independently owned recruitment consultancy with over 30 years’ experience of introducing high quality talent into the hospitality and catering industry.

We believe that publishing gender pay gap data on an annual basis will help employers, including ourselves, to see where action to close the gender pay gap is most needed. It will also help us to establish a benchmark for our own staff. It should be noted that as we are an Employment Business, the vast majority of the people included in this report were temporary workers whose pay is fixed by our clients.

Hospitality has a historical bias toward one gender performing certain roles that accounts for a large percentage of our workforce, so for example, chefs tend to be male and waiting staff female so we expected a relatively large Gender Pay Gap. However, due to the effect of the pandemic on our company the amount of Hospitality business on the snapshot date had decreased considerably.

The “improvement” on last year’s figure is, we believe, mostly due to the decline in the Hospitality side of our business.

Whilst we have used the Governments Furlough scheme previously, at the snapshot date, we had very few people furloughed. However, it should be noted that we were still in a position of recovering from the severe decline in business due to the pandemic

Whilst there is a negative gender imbalance shown below, pay is not influenced by gender. We support the fair treatment and reward for all our workers irrespective of gender.

Our figures based on the snapshot date of 5th April 2021 are shown below.


Mean Gender Pay Gap -3.11%
Median Gender Pay Gap -1.01%
Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap -60.63%
Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap -57.27%
Proportion of Males in Lower Quartile 75.90%
Proportion of Females in Lower Quartile 24.10%
Proportion of Males in Lower Middle Quartile 80.72%
Proportion of Females in Lower Middle Quartile 19.28%
Proportion of Males in Upper Middle Quartile 75.3%
Proportion of Females in Upper Middle Quartile 24.70%
Proportion of Males in Upper Quartile 68.67%
Proportion of Females in Upper Quartile 31.33%



I confirm that our data has been calculated according to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010

(Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Stephen Honey

Head of Group Operations