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Recruiting for an Air Import Clerk 12 midday to midnight 4 on 4 off for a well established Client within Airfreight

Must Prepare and review import documentation, including airway bills, invoices, import permits, certificates of origin, and other required paperwork; maintain organized and accurate records of all import-related documents for auditing and compliance purposes.
Customs Clearance: Coordinate with customs authorities to ensure the timely clearance of imported goods; Submit required customs declarations and paperwork to facilitate the release of shipments from customs custody.
Compliance: Stay updated on import regulations, tariffs, and trade agreements to ensure compliance with local and international import laws; verify that imported goods meet all safety, quality, and regulatory standards.
Communication: Liaise all stakeholders to coordinate the smooth movement of imported goods; communicate any delays, issues, or discrepancies to relevant parties and work to resolve them promptly.
Duties and Taxes: Calculate and track import duties, taxes, and fees payable on imported goods; Ensure accurate and timely payment of customs duties and taxes to avoid delays or penalties.
Cargo Tracking: Monitor and track shipments throughout the transportation process, providing real-time updates to clients and internal teams.
Problem Resolution: Proactively identify and resolve any shipment-related issues, such as delays, damages, or customs clearance challenges.

Previous experience in air import operations or international logistics. Knowledge of perishable goods export procedures and regulations is an advantage.
Knowledge of customs regulations, export documentation, and international shipping procedures.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Attention to detail and strong organizational abilities.
Proficiency in relevant computer software and applications.
Problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure.

Attention to Detail
Organizational Skills: The ability to manage multiple shipments, documents, and tasks simultaneously is crucial. Effective organization ensures that shipments are processed smoothly and on time.

If interested please get in touch today or 01753 693737